About Me

I am a remarried mom in a blended family with six children. Three from my previous relationship, two from my husband’s previous relationship, and one child from my current marriage. Our children range in age from 19 years to 11 months. We also have a newborn grandson.

I was a single mom for a relatively short period of time. My relationship with my husband began when I was eighteen months into my single mom journey. We have been together for just over three years and have been friends for four and a half years. We are newlyweds, having married this past Fall.

I returned to college and earned a Master in Teaching degree while solo parenting my three children. That in itself could fill a novel, but it is not the focus of my blog. I am finding life in a blended family to be much trickier than I expected. With the number of blended families in the U.S. it is definitely a relevant topic and one close to my heart.

My life as a mom and wife has had some unexpected, dramatic events. Some wonderful, some traumatic. I will share them over time.

(My blog is intentionally anonymous. If you know me, please refrain from using my name or names of my family members in your comments. Thank you.)


4 responses to “About Me

  • Janell

    I grew up in a constantly changing blended family since I was about 5, which continues to this day, especially if you include in-laws and adult stepsisters that I’ve never met in person. It is tricky, but it teaches you a lot about acceptance and flexibility. Good luck navigating your new world!

    • familiesinablender

      LOL It is odd to have step-siblings that you haven’t met. If only everyone weren’t so spread out. Travel is just spendy. Whenever you have a chance, I would love to hear your views on being a child in a blended family. Since my folks didn’t divorce until I was an adult, I am not able to empathize with my own children. Thanks Janell 🙂

  • gertrude

    I paid for the whole seat but I’m only using the edge…Hi..lny..Itsa me!

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