Faith through the tough times

At church this past weekend, our pastor talked about crisis. How we get through it, how God works change within us, and our reactions to it. He quoted several verses about Jacob from Genesis.

One of the things he mentioned was that we each need to admit that we are the “problem.” Reality check? Yes, something like that. The talk was interspersed with scenes from the movie Fireproof. Dreadful acting aside, it’s a movie with a message worth noticing. Which reminded me, I have The Love Dare as an ebook from the library on my phone. And I hadn’t looked at it.

Hmm … Day 1 — say nothing negative to your spouse. I tried it. I almost made it through the whole day. I am trying again today. Our toddler woke up crying with a leaky diaper. While I was changing her on our bed my husband made grouchy, sarcastic remarks. I hissed, “Callate!” at him. Whoops! Let’s just put that one behind us and continue on …

I know that making God the central focus of my life makes my life better. Always. It is during the tough times when I get too introspective, too discouraged, and overly cynical that I struggle to stay close to Him. I don’t make time to read the Bible. I don’t focus on prayer. I get very caught up in the drama that is my life.

At this time I have an ex who is contentious and argumentative. My oldest stepdaughter isn’t talking to me because of something my younger stepdaughter told her. I have no idea what it is, but she unfriended me on facebook because of it. Trust me, this is a BIG deal. Before the end of her visit my younger stepdaughter got angry with me and told me that I am “just a stepmom!” Ouch. I sure cried over that one.

My husband is disappointed and angry with both of his older daughters. He carries a grudge against my older daughter. Blended family drama stinks! I honestly think we need to be in ongoing therapy with our children in order to navigate this life peacefully. (sigh)

These ARE tough times. I need to be more active in my pursuit of God. I need to replenish my faith, fill my glass. I don’t want to just muddle through life, I want to live it beautifully and joyfully.


Who’s with me?


5 responses to “Faith through the tough times

  • valerie

    Somehow we often seem to think we need to do things under our own power, and by our own strength, that we can not do. We finally get desperate enough to ask for God’s help. Why do we do that over and over again?
    I think it is like Paul says, (my paraphrase) The things I want to do I don’t do; and the things I don’t want to do are what I do. The war between the flesh and the spirit is alive and well.

  • Joyce Wicks

    Besides God I’ve always leaned on “This too shall pass.” It happens this way most of the time. Some things never pass, but most situations get easier with time. But when we’re in the middle of it, it seems like we’re completely overwhelmed and that things will never get better. Lots of hugs!

  • Mordechai Nachman

    Such a moving blog post, make sure you do make more time for that bible study, it is neccessary for life.

  • Joyce Wicks

    Romans 8:38 and 39 is really good. I consider it my life verse. Might help too and Proverbs 3:5 & 6.

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