Confusion Sets In

Summertime visitations are at an end. We’re down to just three of us here at home. I have time to write again and what I have to share isn’t very uplifting.

My ex refuses to let my children visit me this weekend. It is more convenient for him to switch our weekend to Labor Day. Nope, sorry, not going to do it. Well, I didn’t apologize to him. I flat out told him no, I would not switch my weekend. He didn’t ask. He told me that my two weeks with the kids changed our schedule. Nope. It didn’t. He later texted me that I’m mean and an abusive bully and that he is my target now.

Those of you who know me should be laughing.

So, now I won’t see my kids for three weeks. Just because I refuse to be manipulated and pushed around … because I am no longer his doormat … I’m a bully?

The other situation that has me frustrated and puzzled involves … well, I suppose that may be best left off of my blog. I am truly confused and saddened. It’s the main reason I started writing tonight. (sigh)


One response to “Confusion Sets In

  • Joyce Wicks

    Lyn, I’m so sorry you’re feeling down and don’t get to see the kids. I’m confused just about all the time. I don’t understand people and why they act or don’t act as they do. But, I guess I just have to leave it at that because I’ll never know the answer…which makes me perpetually frustrated. Will he let you talk to them on the phone? All I can say is “This too shall pass” which isn’t a lot of comfort now, but it will.

    Love you…Joyce

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