Monthly Archives: June 2011

Finding the way to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a process. I find myself in a constant struggle to forgive the same people for the same thing. Over and over again. I doubt that this is unique to parenting, divorce, and remarriage. However, it is an integral part of blended family health as well as my Christian faith.

I wrote that more than two weeks ago. I have been struggling with writing about this topic. I feel like I should add some citations from psychology experts or scripture quotes. With my current commitments I don’t want to devote the time that that requires. Summer vacation is upon us. Our visit from my older bonus daughter and her infant son is over. Our visit from my younger bonus daughter has just begun. Our baby girl is turning one tomorrow. So, you see, I’m busy with family and activities.

Please forgive me. I will revisit this topic because it is important. As important as it is challenging.



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