Birth story of our youngest daughter

Woman over 40 gives birth at home — with no pain medication!

I am a remarried, blended family mom. I am over 40. I have an 11month old daughter who was born at home on a warm night late last Spring.

When I met my current husband I had three children and he had two. We weren’t planning an addition to our blended family, but … well, you know. My husband’s grandmother was a midwife, but he had never been witness to a homebirth or a vaginal birth, for that matter. He knew that my third child had been born at home and one of his first concerns was that I would give birth to our baby at home — with all the noise and mess and “gross stuff.” Silly man.

He never challenged my choice, but warned me that he didn’t think he could watch, for fear that he would get nauseated and vomit. I laughed about it and told him he could just look at my face.

At 41 weeks I requested that my midwife sweep my membranes. She predicted that labor would commence the following evening. She was correct. On a sunny Friday evening my contractions began. We went for a walk on the beach of my beloved Puget Sound, but labor stalled because I felt too exposed so we returned home. My labor was fairly typical, but longer than I had expected. I walked around our apartment, stopping to lean on walls and sway my hips. We eventually called our midwife. I don’t remember the phone call or her arrival.

Through transition I was being very loud. My youngest son, 6 at the time, was our only child at home and my loud low moans woke him. I told him that I was ok, it just takes a lot of noise to get a baby out. He asked if I did that with him. When I responded “yes” he said, “It worked!” I remember laughing and smiling at that.

My labor was 12 hours long and I spent the last few hours (I think) on my knees leaning on my birthing ball. When my midwife could see that I was getting close to feeling the urge to push, she asked if I wanted to move to the bed. She and her assistant set up the chux pads and my ball and helped me to relocate.

My son was still awake and asking my husband how I was doing. I shouted that he could come into my room if he wanted to. So there I was, on my mattress upon the floor, with my husband on my left and my homebirthed son on my right. I felt so blessed.

I heard my midwife say, “I see her head!” and my husband, who was holding my hand and looking into my eyes suddenly perked up saying, “You can?!” and darted his head around to stare at my bottom. My son did the same. They were both transfixed as A**y slid out, with me grunting, “Damn! The shoulders!”

I immediately asked if I could move to sit down so I could see her. My midwife’s reply was a very calm, “After I get the cord off her neck.” I was not the least bit worried about this and was just so relieved that she would be in my arms in a few moments. My beautiful little blessing, the uniter of our blended family.


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